Service Centres

The service centres shall be fully equipped to provide a thorough and regular after sales and back-up support for the end users of Belaz dumpers in India, whereby a range of critical spares shall also be available at any given time.

This Centre shall be equipped with:

  1. Float of critical equipment and components.
  2. Depot of spare parts.
  3. Range of consumables, lubricants and other necessary items.
All job work of repair and service of Belaz dumpers at the Centre shall be performed by highly skilled engineering force trained by the OEM and supervised by Belaz technical specialists. There will be a team of technical personnel available from Russian Coal Mines with extensive experience of specialising in:
  1. Overseeing day to day functioning of the Belaz dumpers.
  2. Performing minor repairs and maintenance works on the dumper at the sites.
  3. Making necessary checks on dumpers during intervals between the shifts.
This team shall be available in two shifts of 12 hours each 24/7 * 365 days at the site of exploitation of Belaz dumpers.